Sarah Sanders Says Media Engaging In War On Women

( Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Fox & Friends on Tuesday that there is a “real war on women” going on right now, and that it is being orchestrated by left-wing activists and Democrats against Republican women. Speaking to the outlet, she described the horrific experiences she went through during her time in the Trump administration.

“I was the very first mom to ever serve as the White House press secretary, and instead of all the praise on Biden’s appointments, we got attacked relentlessly by the media,” she said.

Sanders responded to the news that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced over the last week how every single member of his communications team would be women – a move the media describes as stunning and brave.

“President Trump not only empowered me but he empowered other women to a number of senior roles in the administration, working moms, and he didn’t get praised for it he got attacked for it and so did we,” she added.

President Donald Trump’s last two White House Press Secretaries have both been women…not that the media have had much to say about that.

Joe Biden has appointed campaign communications director Kate Bedingfield the head of his senior communications team, assuming that he will be the next president of the United States. Jen Psaki, a Democratic spokeswoman, will be his press secretary.

Joe Biden also said that he plans to appoint far-left activist Neera Tande, who is currently the CEO of the Center for American Progress, as his director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Speaking to Fox, Sarah Sanders said that conservative women have long been dismissed by Democrats.

“I’ve often said and I’ll continue to say it. Democrats always want to talk about the war on women, but the real war being waged against women is by Democrats and the media that attack conservative women and anybody who has supported this president,” she said. “It is absolutely outrageous and the media bias is on full display.”

Remember the vicious attacks against Sarah Sanders?

From attacking her looks to mocking her baking skills, Democrats and media pundits repeatedly stooped as low as they could to smear the former White House Press Secretary.