Sarah Palin Won’t Get Vaccine Because She “Believes The Science”

( Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin said something completely logical and not at all controversial, so naturally it caused a controversy among the media.

Appearing on Gutfeld! last week, Sarah Palin said she wasn’t going to get the COVID vaccine because she already contracted coronavirus and recovered. And since she now has natural immunity, she doesn’t need the vaccine. In other words, she’s following the science.

Palin and her son Trig both came down with COVID in March of this year, and both recovered. Palin told Gutfeld that she does believe in science, and science says if you’ve had COVID, then “Mother Nature was creating an immunity.”

Study after study shows that natural immunity provides better protection from COVID than even the vaccines.

But for the media, this basic grasp of reality is controversial.

Yes, the CDC still encourages those who have recovered from COVID to get vaccinated, but not because they aren’t already protected. Instead, the CDC claims the recovered should take a vaccine they don’t need because the research does not yet show how long someone’s natural immunity will last.

Interestingly, the CDC doesn’t seem particularly interested in researching whether or not natural immunity provides long term protection. Nor are they compiling any data of any COVID cases among those with natural immunity.

It’s almost as if the CDC doesn’t want Americans to know.

Of course the CDC’s website claims that “evidence is emerging” that people are better protected through the vaccine than prior infection. But this “evidence” that is “emerging” is not detailed on the CDC website.

During her appearance on Gutfeld, Governor Palin and the other guests discussed the Israeli study that showed those who develop natural immunity through prior infection are 27 times less likely to contract COVID than those who were fully vaccinated.

The media dismisses this study, arguing that it has not been peer-reviewed or evaluated by anyone other than the study’s authors, therefore it should not be used as a guide to clinical practice.

Palin isn’t the only one pointing out the existence of natural immunity. Senator Rand Paul and Kentucky Congressman Tom Massie have been banging the drum for months. Just yesterday, Massie called out Dr. Fauci and the CDC for claiming that the COVID vaccines provide more protection than natural immunity, pointing out that even Pfizer’s own trial data shows no such thing.