Sarah Palin Says Fox News “Cancelled” Her After Supporting Trump

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin says Fox News canceled her after she said the network is no longer conservative. The former Alaska Governor was booked as a guest on Fox but her appearance was scrapped after she told Newsmax host Eric Bolling that Fox is now one of “these corporate-owned, woke disconnected elites who call the shots in lamestream media and they look at us as just the peons, just the subjects.”

Fox said her appearance was one of several canceled that day and would be rescheduled.

Sarah Palin was John McCain’s running mate in the Presidential election of 2008 when the GOP took on Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the race for the White House. Despite being a little-known public figure before that election, Palin took the brunt of the press attacks.

The mainstream media at the time presented the Alaskan as unintelligent and uncultured. They mocked her down-to-earth demeanor and way of speaking. Saturday Night Live parodied the former Governor on an almost-weekly basis and Democrats also mocked her; Obama called her a “moose shooter” when reports showed she was more popular than McCain and she’d received more media coverage than he had. Polls at the time showed Palin was taking the support of white women from the Obama-Biden ticket.

Last year, the former Governor appeared in court to testify in a defamation lawsuit she filed against the New York Times. In 2017, the paper implied that Palin’s rhetoric encouraged gun violence, including the 2011 shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Palin testified in court that the Times had left her feeling “mortified” and “powerless” and did so solely because of her political views.

US District Judge Jed Rakoff dismissed the case and said Palin and her attorneys failed to show that the New York Times had acted maliciously.

An ally of Donald Trump, Palin won his support when she ran for the House of Representatives in 2022. She lost that contest to Democrat Mary Peltola.