San Franciso May Vote To Allow 16-Year Olds To Vote

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( San Francisco, a city plagued with homelessness and poverty thanks to decades of Democrat rule, is set to decide whether they think 16-year-olds should be allowed to vote in the state. When residents of the city cast their ballots on November 3, they will be asked for the second time in just four years whether they believe the voting age should be lowered, in a move plainly designed to ensure the Democrats rule the city forever.

Voters turned down the proposal back in 2016, but activists representing the Vote 16 movement now believe that it will be passed in this coming election. If it does, it will be a result of Democrats realizing just how powerful the youth vote can be in stamping out conservatives.

NBC News reported how an 18-year-old activist from Vote 16 said that she believes lowering the voting age would “help youth of color in San Francisco establish the habit of voting at an earlier age, and really provide them with the support and the resources that they need to continue building on that habit as they grow older.”

Translation: it will encourage people to turn out and vote Democrat every time no matter how bad their candidate is.

Any hope that the motion will fail this time is all but ruled out when one considers the fact it only failed by around 2% of the vote back in 2016, and the hostility shown towards President Donald Trump has only grown since.

The Vote 16 San Francisco website makes the same case as the young activist who spoke to NBC News, but also says that allowing younger people to vote will “strengthen” their civic education.

Couldn’t they just learn about it before they’re old enough to vote?

“Strong civics education and a lower voting age would mutually reinforce each other to increase civic engagement,” the site claims. “A lower voting age would make civics education more effective as providing students a way to directly apply what they’re learning in the classroom in their communities would add a crucial level of relevance to civics courses.”

Yep, that sounds like a 16-year-old wrote that.

Neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominees for president and vice president, have expressed their disapproval of the move. And why would they?

If 16-year-olds could vote in the 2020 election, the race probably wouldn’t be so tight, would it?