Russian Troops Send An Angry Message To A Ukraine Drone

( This week, a video clip posted on a Russian-language Telegram channel showed Russian infantrymen rescuing a wounded soldier next to a BTR-82A armored personnel carrier on a rural road. The soldiers are dragging a wounded soldier who looks unable to walk as they walk close to the truck.

A Ukrainian rocket lands close to the vehicle and sends up a plume of dark smoke as the infantrymen approach it.

Soldiers exited the vehicle as they rushed to assist them. The car can be seen intact as the smoke clears. It wasn’t fully destroyed. The impact could have barely missed the car and hit the dirt road.

The Telegram post’s caption is “Servicemen of one of the units of the Russian Armed Forces during the evacuation of their comrade, as well as the arrival next to the BTR-82A.”

The Russian and Kazakhstani forces both deploy the BTR-82A, a Russian 88-wheeled armored personnel carrier. The BTR is one of the more advanced Russian vehicles used in Ukraine, developed by the Military Industrial Company of Russia. The armored personnel carrier, which debuted in 2009 and is based on the BTR-90A design, has better protection than prior models.

The BTR-82A, however, has a 30mm dual-feed automatic cannon and a PKTM coaxial machine gun, making it more than just a people carrier. The gunner’s station has a day and night firing control system and a laser range finder included in its surveillance camera system.

The upgraded fire extinguishing system safeguards passengers in the case of a fire, while the Kevlar layered synthetic armor provides effective ballistic defense.
Last year, Belarus also embraced the vehicle.

In a brief 90-second video that went viral last week, a group of Russian infantrymen is seen gathered by a BTR-82A armored personnel carrier.

Six infantrymen can be seen gazing upward around 17 seconds into the video, and one of them raises his arm and gives the camera his middle finger. The drone then discharges a grenade, which lands on the carrier. The vehicle erupts in flames, spewing smoke into the air.

Although the attack’s location was not disclosed in the video, it is presumed to have occurred somewhere in eastern Ukraine.

Much of this war is being waged live on social media.