Russian Launches Largest Drone Attack Since Start Of War

According to the Ukrainian military, Russia’s drone bombardment on Kyiv, the capital city, lasted more than six hours and was the most intensive since the conflict began in 2022. Of the 75 drones used in the operation, 74 were manufactured in Iran, and they were used to destroy the air defenses of Ukraine. A spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force verified the downing of sixty-six air targets in the areas around Kyiv. Debris from the strike destroyed many buildings, including a kindergarten, and injured five persons at the very least. Among the wounded was a youngster of eleven years of age.

Approximately 17,000 individuals were left without electricity after the assault knocked off power in 77 residential structures and 120 institutions. Russian drones were fired “on the eve of the Holodomor genocide memory day,” according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Twitter post. He said that to “fight against Russian terror,” the nation is attempting to fortify its air defenses.

Russia retaliated after Ukraine conducted a massive drone strike on the Crimean Peninsula, the largest such operation since the conflict started 21 months ago. Authorities in Ukraine intensified their efforts to capture the strategically significant city of Avdiivka in the country’s eastern region. As we approach winter and 2024, both camps are trying to maintain a semblance of progress.

People in Ukraine are worried that this is just the beginning of a series of attacks meant to damage their energy infrastructure. The drones allegedly attacked the capital’s air defenses from two sides, according to Ukrainian authorities.

At 2.30 in the morning, an air raid siren roused the Kyiv residents. Subsequent attacks began at approximately 4 in the morning, with loud booms being heard in the city center again near 6 in the morning.

Kyiv and other essential locations are being protected by air defense systems supplied by Western allies, but the entire nation is still vulnerable. Ukrainian authorities have been making preparations for the expected Russian strike this year. Zelenskiy warned in October that retaliation would be taken if Moscow struck similarly this year after Ukraine demonstrated drone strike capability within Russia in recent months.