Russia Links Rocket Attacks To Unauthorized Phone Use By Its Troops

( According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian service members’ unauthorized use of cell phones provided Ukraine with the necessary intelligence to direct a recent rocket assault against a Russian site.

The author writes that the primary reason was that personnel within the range area of enemy firepower turned on and used their mobile phones in large numbers. This factor made it possible for the adversary to pinpoint the individuals who were going to launch the missile attack,” General Lieutenant Sergei Sevryukov said in a Telegram post from the Ministry of Defense account.

According to Sevryukov, the soldiers’ usage of phones violated an existing prohibition, and he mentioned that authorities are investigating the situation further at this time.

All of the required precautions are being taken at this time to forestall the occurrence of tragedies of this kind in the future. “The investigation is supposed to end with the responsible officials being brought before the appropriate authorities,” Sevryukov said.

According to Russia, 89 people were killed due to the Ukrainian strike against the Russian facility at Makiivka over the weekend; nevertheless, Kyiv claims that as many as 400 people were murdered.

According to reports, four Ukrainian rockets fired from a HIMARS multiple launch system, which the United States supplied, hit the facility. The facility was a temporary base set up in the industrial city of Makiivka in Donetsk, one of the regions Russia moved to annex last year.

On Wednesday, authorities from the United Kingdom’s intelligence community stated that Moscow’s “unprofessional” military procedures were likely to blame partly for the large number of casualties in Makiivka.

According to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense tweet, “Given the extent of the damage, there is a real possibility that ammunition was being stored near troop accommodation, which detonated during the strike, creating secondary explosions.” The statement was made about the explosions that occurred after the initial strike.

In the same tweet, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stated that the structure that was hit by Ukrainian missiles was located a little more than 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from the front line in Avdiivka, which is considered “one of the most disputed regions of the battle.” On the fringes of the city that bears the Donetsk region’s name are the settlements of Makiivka and Avdiivka, which are a primary target of Russia’s ground offensive.

The latest information states, “The Russian military has a record of dangerous munitions storage dating back to well before the present battle.” However, the recent incident demonstrates how unprofessional procedures contribute to Russia’s high death rate.