Russia Demands Removal From Wikipedia

( Vladmir Putin steadfastly describes his invasion of Ukraine as a “special operation,” and any other characterizations, as far as Russia is concerned, are misinformation.

On Tuesday, Roskomnadzor, Russia’s federal communications agency, demanded that Wikipedia, the online nonprofit encyclopedia, delete content containing “incorrect” information concerning the war in Ukraine.

Rokomnadzor threatened Wikipedia with a law which states an Internet site owner who does not erase unlawful content when ordered by Roskomnadzor can be penalized up to 4 million roubles ($48,120.30). ($1 = 83.1250 roubles).

Roskomnadzor has commanded the website to erase content that it alleges is “misinforming” Russian users.

In order to keep its people in the dark, Russia has also begun censoring domestic information on the war in Ukraine. They ban anything that it considers to be “discrediting” the Russian military and its activities.

As a result, a number of independent news sources have been forced to close or, in the case of some, such as the Moscow Times, have fled the country.

This regulation also applies to civilians who publish information that Russia considers to be “fake news” on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and charges have already been filed against many people for doing so.

The punishment is outrageous.

Intentionally distributing “false news” about the Russian military, as defined by Russia, might result in jail terms of up to 15 years.

In America, the fascists only ban you from the platform. Harsher penalties, many on the right believe, are just around the corner. Right now, if you say something on social media that the left finds triggering, an organized campaign consisting of the “woke mob” will cancel you.

While doing this, the people intentionally ruining your life for voicing your opinion will, ironically, call you a Nazi.

The official State Department Spokesman wrote this on Twitter-

@StateDeptSpox: Despite the Kremlin’s attempts to keep them in the dark, the people of Russia continue to seek out independent information sources. We will continue to share the truth with the people of Russia.

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin chose this war. The people of Russia didn’t. They have the right to know about the death, suffering and destruction being inflicted by their government and military on the people of Ukraine.