Rupert Murdoch Says Trump Needs to Focus on Future

( In a speech to his company’s shareholders on Wednesday, Fox Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch said that it was time for Donald Trump to move on from the past and focus on the future.

Murdoch said that the current political debates – from education to economic opportunity – are “profound” and added that conservatives must “play an active, forceful role” in those debates. But, he said, that can’t happen so long as former President Trump continues to focus on the past.

“The past is the past,” Murdoch explained, adding that now the country is “in a contest to define the future.”

It is widely known that Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump have had a contentious professional relationship throughout the years. After Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, Murdoch asked on Twitter when Trump would “stop embarrassing his friends, let alone the whole country?”

Though it was one of Murdoch’s newspapers, the New York Post, that was among the first to endorse Trump over Hillary in the general election.

In his speech before shareholders, Murdoch also called for “significant reform” to “Big Digital,” and accused tech companies like Google and Facebook of silencing conservatives. Murdoch dismissed the notion that the algorithms these platforms use are “somehow objective and solely scientific,” calling it “complete nonsense.”

While some Trump supporters may feel betrayed by Murdoch’s words about Trump and conservatives moving on from the past, the painful truth is he has a point.

The current condition of the country is a target-rich environment for the Republicans. The Democrats have failed by every measure – from the economy to energy independence to immigration to foreign policy.

The American people care about the issues that affect their daily lives. Republicans who remain focused on the 2020 election are squandering a golden opportunity to crush the Democrats. And that includes Donald Trump.

For four years, Hillary Clinton lived a life of misery and resentment, frozen in time by her humiliating defeat in 2016. She couldn’t get past it. It was all she talked about. If Donald Trump wants to be the Republican nominee in 2024, choosing to mirror Hillary Clinton’s obsessive behavior isn’t going to cut it.