Rupert Murdoch-Owned New York Post Turns Against Trump

( The New York Post, a conservative newspaper that has often backed President Donald Trump, changed its tune.

In a recent op-ed piece, the Post urged the president to accept the presidential election results. The article said Trump should “end this dark charade,” warning that continuing to try to overturn the election results would end up undoing a lot of what he has accomplished during his presidency.

The Post further urged that Trump should reunite with the Republican Party, which would be essential ahead of Georgia’s two Senate runoff races next month. The article said the president was basically “cheering for an undemocratic coup” in the election.

The article specifically attacked two people Trump is aligning himself with when it said:

“Sidney Powell is a crazy person. Michael Flynn is suggesting martial law is tantamount to treason. It is shameful.”

The Post said Trump should focus his energy away from his own election and onto the Georgia Senate races. It spoke directly to the president when it wrote:

“You had every right to investigate the election. But let’s be clear: These efforts have found nothing. To take just two examples: Your campaign paid $3 million for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, and you lost by 87 more votes. Georgia did two recounts of the state, each time affirming Biden’s win. These ballots were counted by hand, which alone debunks the claims of a Venezuelan vote-manipulating Kraken conspiracy.

“We understand, Mr. President, that you’re angry that you lost. But to continue down this road is ruinous. We offer this as a newspaper that endorsed you, that supported you: If you want to cement your influence, even set the stage for a future return, you must channel your fury into something more productive.

“If Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler win, they will prevent Biden from rolling back what you have accomplished. A Republican Senate can pressure Biden against returning to the old, failed Iran deal, can stop him from throwing open our southern border, will prevent him from packing the court.

“Now imagine a government controlled by your nemeses — Nancy Pelosi in the House, Chuck Schumer in the Senate, Joe Biden in the White House. How high will taxes go? How many of your initiatives will be strangled? And, on a personal note, do you think they won’t spend the next four years torturing you with baseless hearings and investigations?”

The Post becomes the second major newspaper that endorsed Trump to also suggest that he give up his fight to overturn the presidential election results. The Wall Street Journal said he should stop fighting after the Electoral College voted to give Biden the requisite number of electors to win the presidential election.

To this point, though, Trump has given no indication that he will listen to either newspaper. In fact, he’s working with some Republican members of Congress, hoping they will challenge the Electoral College results on January 6 when they are set to be certified.