Rudy Giuliani’s Attorneys Write Letter To Judge

( Attorneys representing former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani have slammed the federal authorities for raiding his home and office and invading President Donald Trump’s attorney-client privilege. The attorneys wrote a letter to Manhattan federal judge criticizing the raids that took place in Giuliani’s Manhattan home in April, insisting that it was unnecessary.

The lawyers also referenced a cover warrant that was used to access Giuliani’s iCloud account, which is used to store personal and work data online, way back in November 2019.

The fact that federal authorities were invading Giuliani’s privacy during the Trump administration is unbelievable!

Giuliani’s lawyers say that prosecutors are treating their client like he leads a drug cartel or is engaged in terrorist activity with the purpose of creating prejudicial coverage of both him and former President Donald Trump.

Giuliani revealed details of the raid on his home in an episode of his “Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense” podcast, which is published on Apple Podcasts and YouTube…at least for now.

Giuliani’s attorneys are looking for the court to unseal the affidavits that were used to support the warrants to raid his home and access his iCloud, and have argued that it will help them prove what they did was illegal.

The former personal attorney to President Donald Trump has not been charged with any crime, and it remains a mystery exactly why the federal authorities are going after him so hard…especially when President Joe Biden’s son has engaged in dodgy business deals and investments in China and Ukraine all while his father was in the White House before the Trump administration.

Wouldn’t he be a better target?