Rudy Giuliani Destroys Protestor In Public

( Rudy Giuliani, who once served as mayor of New York City, was present at the Israel Day Parade on Sunday.

During the ceremony, some dimwitted lefty belittled Mayor Giuliani by trying to, of all things, criticize his track record on reducing crime in New York City.

Some points are arguable, but this is beyond stupid. Rudy was not going to put up with it. He stopped and faced the idiot and plainly stated, “I reduced crime, you jackass… You’re as demented as Biden… You are a brainwashed a$$hole.”

At the same time that Rudy is being yelled at by one person, another person can be heard yelling, “You’re the best!”

It is common knowledge that during his tenure as Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani drastically cut down on the city’s crime rate.

Times Square and the surrounding areas were nearly impossible to traverse with your children. Everywhere you looked, there was visible pornography.

Giuliani made it great again.

Of course, from the demented left’s perspective, Giuliani was “mean” to criminals.

The hilarious concession during his tenure was, “Yes, he cleaned up the city, but at what human cost?”

Millions should step in puddles of urine before any homeless get displaced.

The complaint about the cleaning up Times Square was that it became “Disney-fied.”

In 2022, that term wouldn’t mean what it meant during the Giuliani administration.

The left would certainly like it if the entirety of the city was “Disney-fied.”

We’ve come a long way. We’ve gone from shielding the eyes of the children so that they aren’t exposed to porn to schools putting “gender-fluid” sex in the curriculum.

Published in the Chicago Times in 1999, this about sums up the left’s knuckleheaded thinking:

“First, Giuliani turns Times Square into Disney’s living room. Now he says nobody can drink. He wants to make Manhattan a dangerous place to have a good time. Where are we? Iowa? The city that never sleeps is in a coma.”
–New York bartender Shawn Curran, after Mayor Rudy Giuliani began a new policy of confiscating cars from motorists arrested for drunken driving and urged drivers not to drink at all.
Urging drivers not to drink is so fascist!
One wonders if the guy quoted above is the same guy who berated Giuliani during the Israel Day Parade. Or maybe the left just all sound alike.