RSBN Suspended By YouTube

( Last week, YouTube suspended Right Side Broadcasting Network just days before RSBN was to live-stream former President Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Georgia on YouTube.

According to RSBN, on Tuesday, YouTube notified them that they could not live-stream or upload content for one week after uploading two videos the Google-owned platform claimed violated its policies.

The two videos removed were a backstage interview Right Side Broadcasting Network did with the former President before his South Carolina rally the previous weekend and an interview RSBN did with Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene at CPAC.

In a statement on Tuesday, Right Side Broadcasting Network said YouTube removed the two videos claiming they contained “elections misinformation” and a lack of “sufficient” context.

RSBN said in its statement that it would not be deterred by “blatant Big Tech censorship” and it would live-stream former President Trump’s Georgia rally elsewhere. RSBN also said it was “fully prepared” to move all of its live coverage from YouTube to Rumble, adding “we will not allow the voice of President Trump and his supporters to be silenced.”

The live stream of Trump’s Commerce, Georgia rally to boost former Senator David Purdue’s primary challenge against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp along with other Republican candidates was available at Rumble.

This wasn’t the first time YouTube issued a suspension to Right Side Broadcasting Network.

In July, YouTube suspended RSBN for violating its policy regarding “spam, deceptive practices, and scams.” In addition to imposing a suspension, YouTube also deleted the RSBN videos of former President Trump’s June 26 rally in Wellington, Ohio, and his June 5 speech from the North Carolina GOP convention.

That suspension occurred just days before RSBN was to live-stream a rally Trump held in Sarasota, Florida.