Royal Princess Walks Away From Duties For Disturbing Reason

( Princess Martha Louise of Norway has abdicated her royal responsibilities to be with her American witch doctor fiancé, who asserts that he was resurrected from the dead.

In June, the 51-year-old Princess announced her engagement to Durek Verrett, who refers to himself as a “Shaman.”

The assertions that cancer is a matter of personal choice have gotten Durek Verrett into a lot of trouble, and many are calling him a “voodoo” witch.

According to the BBC, Princess Martha Louise of Norway has renounced her royal duties in order to concentrate on the complementary and alternative medicine practice she runs with her fiancé, who refers to himself as a shaman.

The Princess will maintain her title, but she will no longer perform her official duties in order to “draw a sharper contrast” between her private life and her status as a member of the royal family.

Her fiance, Durek Verrett, has advocated for unproven medical practices, such as claiming that cancer is a matter of personal choice.

Additionally, the American asserts that she significantly influenced Gwyneth Paltrow. One can’t help but wonder if she was the inspiration behind her vagina-scented candles.

According to a statement released by the palace, Princess Martha Louise will “relinquish her patronage role” to “separate more clearly between their efforts and the actions of the Royal House of Norway” with the help of her husband, Mr. Verrett. It was also mentioned that King Harald V had made the decision for her to preserve her title.

It was stated in the statement that she had carried out her responsibilities with “warmth, compassion, and genuine commitment.”

King Harald praised Mr. Verrett as “a lovely guy and really funny to be around,” even though the announcement had been made.

Even if things are challenging right now, he has a great sense of humor, so we laugh a lot. According to King Harald, who spoke to Norwegian reporters, “I think both we and he have gained a clearer knowledge of what this is about, and we’ve agreed to disagree.”