Ron DeSantis Says The Elites Have Finally Been Shut Down

( In a speech on Sunday at the National Conservatism Conference in Miami, Florida, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted many significant policy accomplishments while highlighting his defiance of pressure from “elites” in the media and the federal government.

DeSantis received much negative press attention for his decision to forgo lockdowns and other health precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also received criticism for more recent educational and business-related policies, such as his attempts to limit the teaching of gender ideology and “woke” workplace training. In an hour-long address, he detailed how he had implemented the reforms and argued that conservatives should reject the notion that government cannot be utilized for conservative purposes or that private enterprise should be left alone.

The governor said they were correct when they rejected the elites. Not only were the elites mistaken about school closures, but they were also mistaken about lockdowns, epidemiological models, hospitalization models, forced masking, denial of the existence of natural immunity, the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines, and their belief that COVID was seasonal, which they now acknowledge.

Under the aegis of ESG, the merging of corporate and governmental power signifies an effort to impose on society through corporate power laws that voters cannot approve.

Despite the enormous influx of migrants from blue places like California and New York, DeSantis said Florida has more registered Republican than Democratic voters under his leadership for the first time in its history. He linked this to the state’s COVID-19 rules, which prevented private companies from enforcing vaccine mandates rather than just declining to impose them.

Throughout the speech, DeSantis rejected the widely held view among conservatives that the federal government should generally leave private enterprise alone. Instead, he argued that the government must safeguard citizens from abuse at the hands of corporate interests, such as tech companies, sizable corporations that want to force vaccination requirements and racial training on employees, and corporations pushing a left-leaning agenda through investing standards.

He also admonished many on the right who automatically give private companies the benefit of the doubt.

“Corporatism is not the same as free enterprise,” the Republican stated. “I think too many Republicans have regarded limited government as basically meaning whatever is best for corporate America is how we want to run the economy.”

In his opinion, free enterprise is the most exemplary economic system, but that is just a means to a goal. A wealthy society and a decent life are made possible through it. It’s not a goal in and of itself, according to DeSantis. The United States is a country with an economy, not the other way around, and our economy should be focused on assisting our citizens.