Ron DeSantis Says He Would’ve Fired Fauci, Unlike Trump 

( Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida finally responded to months of assaults from former President Donald Trump, whom he is widely expected to fight for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. DeSantis commented during an interview with Piers Morgan for an upcoming episode of “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Fox Nation. 

After the midterms, the former president has been on an offensive against the governor. He has called DeSantis names, spread false rumors about him being a groomer of young teen girls, and claimed that Democratic billionaire George Soros sponsored him, all of which have been debunked.  

DeSantis said there were many distinctions between himself and Trump. One that stands out is the method used to deal with the pandemic.  DeSantis noted if he were in charge, he would have fired Fauci, adding that he thinks Fauci caused a lot of harm by getting too big for his britches. 

According to DeSantis, Trump’s tone shifted drastically after the midterm elections when the predicted red wave did not occur. DeSantis, however, won handily. That’s when Trump trotted out his trademark insulting nicknames. He called DeSantis “Ron DeSanctimonius.”  

New York Magazine ran a feature specifically about the nicknames Trump has purportedly used for the Florida Governor: 

Meatball Ron 

Tiny D 

Ron DeEstablishment 

Shutdown Ron 

Ron DisHonest 


The Florida Governor had had a solid connection with Trump in the past, which began when DeSantis supported Trump in 2016 against baseless claims that his campaign had conspired with Russia.  

DeSantis has said that aspiring leaders should study the examples set by the Founding Fathers of the United States. He stressed the need to prioritize the welfare of the nation above that of any one person. He hasn’t decided for sure whether he’ll run for president this cycle, but he thinks he can restore America’s stability by replicating his success in Florida on a national scale.