Ron DeSantis Backs Surfside Small Businesses

( Popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has vowed that the state will support residents of the collapsed Surfside condo building, and their families, in the wake of the recent tragedy.

Last Wednesday, DeSantis said that a new website and organization ( had been organized in collaboration between non-profit groups, the private sector, along with federal, state, and local governments. The platform is designed to provide emotional support and assistance to those who have been affected by the tragedy.

One America News Network spoke with spokespeople from the Department of Economic Opportunities in Florida, who confirmed that the governor has pledged the financial support required to keep local businesses afloat amidst the crisis.

You can see a report from OAN here.

In an update on Saturday, DeSantis also revealed that discussions with Surfside officials and structural engineers resulted in the decision to demolish what is left of the Champlain Building South. The decision to demolish the part of the building that didn’t collapse was made as officials could not be certain that it was safe, and that the remaining structure posed a risk to search and rescue teams who are still on the site.

In a press briefing, DeSantis was joined by Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez and Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett and announced that the demolition would take place within 36 hours.

It meant that the search and rescue efforts needed to be paused as the controlled demolition took place, though as we enter two weeks since the original collapse, it seems increasingly unlikely that we will find any more survivors in the pockets beneath the rubble.

Search efforts were paused at 4pm on Saturday while engineers entered the site and prepared it for demolition.