Roger Stone Warned Trump About Ron DeSantis

( Political operative Roger Stone is among the Trump supporters who want every other possible Republican presidential candidate to pledge not to run in 2024 should former President Donald Trump decide to jump into the race.

Earlier this year, in a mass email to Trump supporters, Stone attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his refusal to pledge not to run if Trump enters the race. The email caused such a blowback from Trump supporters with whom DeSantis is wildly popular, a week later, Stone was forced to send a follow-up email walking back his earlier attack on DeSantis.

And over Easter weekend, Stone posted a video clip to his social media that shows him greeting the former president at his Mar-a-Lago home the night before where he warned Trump about DeSantis.

In posting the video to his Gab account this weekend, Stone described Trump as “the 45th and 47th President.”

In the clip, as Trump spots Stone and embraces him, Roger Stone warns Trump to “Watch DeSantis,” telling the former president that DeSantis is “a piece of—”

At that point, the clip cuts off. But Daily Beast reporter Zachary Petrizzo who shared the clip on Twitter said in his tweet that Stone’s sentence ended with “sh*t:”

Roger Stone has not been subtle in attacking Florida’s popular Republican governor.

Earlier in the year, Stone attacked DeSantis as a “Yale Harvard frat boy” who “can’t get out of his own way,” describing him as “not smart” and “not honest,” Stone said in a social media post that Ron DeSantis is “not going to be president.” He claimed that Trump made DeSantis governor of Florida, and closed his post with the hashtag #F**kRonDesantis.

In a January interview on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” former President Trump dismissed the claim that he was in a feud with Governor DeSantis, telling Hannity the reports were “fake news” and that he and DeSantis have “a very good relationship.”