Robocallers Might Go To Jail After Latest Request

( No one likes robocallers. They’re annoying at the least, and extremely intrusive and reackless at the worst.

Now, one lawmaker wants to do something serious about it.

Representative Charlie Crist said recently that he believes robocallers should be put in jail.

Fox 13 News in Florida recently spoke with Susan Jacobson who is from Trinity. She has had her identity stolen before, and she believes she gets a lot of robocalls because of that. She said:

“I get all these crazy calls on it all the time. I have no way of stopping it.”

Jacobson explained that the calls she gets are some of the same that most people get. She said:

“I get these calls from car companies looking for me to buy a car. And I keep telling them, ‘Take this number off. It’s not a good number.’ It’s a lot of effort and a lot of time, and there should be consequences.”

YouMail, an app that blocks robocalls, said that in October alone, there were roughly 4.1 billion spam calls made to numbers in the United States. That breaks down to a whopping 1,500 spam calls every second.

That is angering Crist, who recently said:

“People deserve to have their privacy. They shouldn’t be preyed upon like this.”

Crist said he’s trying to urge the U.S. Department of Justice to collect fines against any spam callers. He also said the DOJ should consider increasing the penalties they give out to include time spent in jail.

In a recent letter he sent to the DOJ, Crist said:

“These bad actors need to feel the full consequences of their crimes.”

In a recent interview with Fox 13, he explained of his idea for jail time:

“I think it will send a very powerful message. Don’t mess with our people. Don’t mess with these senior citizens. The consequences are going to be serious, and you may end up in jail.”

In January 2020, the TRACED Act helped create the Spam Calls Task Force that Crist formed. The DOJ said that task force helped to reduce the number of robocalls by hundreds of millions every month, YouMail still said that Florida got roughly 333 million calls just last month.

YouMail’s head, Alex Quilici, explained:

“The problem is these telemarketers can make millions and millions and millions of calls, and very few fines are ever collected.

“Enforcement will help. Regulation will help. Carriers deploying some of the stuff they’ve done will help. Consumers changing their behavior will help. But bottom line, we need technology to stop these scam calls in the same way your house has a burglar alarm.”

Crist is right. Robocallers really don’t have to pay any consequences for their actions right now, so why would they stop? They’ll just keep on making these millions of calls over and over again, especially if the DOJ is just handing out simple fines — or doing nothing at all.

Maybe the threat of jail time — and actually sending some robocallers to jail — will make a difference.