RNC Email About Trump’s Social Media Website… Doesn’t Name It

(JustPatriots.com)- The Republican National Committee is often accused of profiting from former President Donald Trump without actually fully supporting him – and a new report by Mediaite raises some questions.

You may already be aware that in October, former President Donald Trump announced that he would launch a new social media platform to rival Twitter and that it would be named TRUTH Social. The platform is designed for people of all political persuasions to use, left-wing or right-wing, and the site says that it would only ban users if they “disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site.”

And since the announcement, the Republican National Committee has begun raising money on its website by making reference to the site.

On an “official survey” emailed to supporters, people are informed about the new website. The RNC writes:

“Can you believe it, [Insert Name Here]? President Trump is taking on Big Tech Censorship and fighting for FREE SPEECH!
Now, we need your help to send Silicon Valley, the Radical Left, and the Liberal News Media a clear message of exactly where the American People stand.”

The email asks people to respond to a survey within two hours, leading people to the RNC website. The survey asks users whether they will join the former president’s new platform, which could offer an indication of just how many people will sign up for the website once it is launched.

However, Mediaite noted that the website didn’t make reference to the actual name of former President Trump’s website once.

The link also takes people to a donation page, which has an option for people to make a recurring donation to the RNC. Users are offered the choice between multiple donation sizes, with the $100 dollar highlighted in blue.

So the RNC is clearly making money from Trump…but why didn’t they like to the site?