RFK Jr. Abandons Democrat Party For Independent

On Monday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he was switching parties from the Democrats to the Independents to revive his dormant presidential aspirations.

He went on to say that the Democrats of today are not the same as those of the past who opposed war and excessive government.

Since the spring, RFK Jr., a lawyer and critic of the COVID-19 vaccination, has been formally challenging President Biden from within the party. With a little over a year until the next presidential election, he may use his anti-establishment stance to challenge Biden and former President Trump, the two most prominent front-runners for the 2024 nomination, by skipping their respective parties’ primary processes.

His new party affiliation should help him connect with voters who are fed up with the two major parties, with partisan politics, and with the prospect of voting for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump in November.

RFK Jr. claimed that many think that the divide in the nation is purposefully manufactured. He maintains the people have had enough of being lied to and are prepared to seize control.

While RFK Jr.’s family name is synonymous with liberalism, he has distanced himself from that label and now has far more financial and political backing from independents, libertarians, and conservatives than Democrats.

The Independent has been vocal in its disapproval of the Democratic National Committee’s decision to skip debates when it was clear that Joe Biden would be the party’s nominee. He has also said that the party’s “controllers” are helping the incumbent president win because they know he isn’t up to the challenge of a fair debate.

Due to his senior age, Biden frequently loses his thought while speaking and is easily sidetracked.

Before the Pennsylvania rally, RFK Jr.’s campaign had hinted that he would jump to the Independent Party if voter dissatisfaction continued.

Democrats are concerned that he could help Trump win the presidency by winning over swing voters who would otherwise vote for Biden. Concerned that he will siphon off enough Trump voters to help elect Biden, Republicans are starting to wonder the same thing.

Several polls show that RFK Jr. is more popular than other Independent or third-party candidates this season, with support in the double digits.

RFK Jr. has claimed he will not “choose sides,” a central tenet of his insurgent campaign. He argued that the traditional two-party structure was unnecessary for victory.