Reuters “Journalist” Staged Photos

According to a report, Twitter comments have been disabled for Reuters photojournalist Evelyn Hockstein after she was accused of posting faked photographs of youngsters with firearms during the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Yearly Meeting in Indianapolis.

After parents complained to FOX News that Hockstein made their kids pose with firearms and published the images without their consent, the hoax was exposed.

Dan Eckart, who brought his 6-year-old grandchild to the NRA meeting, said the picture of the boy waving a pistol at a photographer was a setup. According to him, Hockstein stepped up to his grandson as he was staring at a gun and ordered him to look toward her.

The report showed that despite denying any fault, Reuters did edit the picture captions to remove the identities of minors.

Mike Bloomberg gun control affiliate Shannon Watts tweeted several of Hockstein’s images, along with snide captions. She stated that parents who possess firearms and are responsible gun handlers would never let their kid aim even a toy gun at someone.

Hockstein reportedly went silent on Twitter minutes after she was accused of fabricating the images.

Fox News Digital researched the NRA’s weapon rules handbook and learned that all guns on exhibit were disabled and that live ammunition was not allowed at the event.

Under the watchful eye of families and gun manufacturers, the gatherings are a perfect location to handle firearms responsibly. We all know that children are inherently fascinated by guns. The father, who talked to Fox News Digital on the condition of anonymity, said.  It is good that we are present to respond to their questions regarding firearms and teach them how to use them safely.

According to the NRA’s training center website, you can learn the fundamentals of gun safety, how to shoot, self-defense, or meet the criteria for a concealed carry permit in your state with the help of their online courses.