Republicans Win Another Special Election

( Republicans are winning special elections across the country as President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats prove to the American people that their agenda doesn’t favor working-class voters.

Nick Howland won a city council race in Jacksonville, Florida on Tuesday – a region where there are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans. It means that Democrat voters either didn’t feel compelled to turn out to vote, or decided to vote for a Republican candidate instead. It also means that independents who aren’t registered either way turned out and voted overwhelmingly for the Republican candidate.

Local news site News4Jax reported that Howland won the City Council At-Large Group 3 seat. At 7:45pm, with 196 of 199 precincts reporting, Howland’s victory was secured against his Democrat opponent Trayce Polson.

“Howland’s lead was greater than the remaining number of votes left to tabulate according to data from the Duval County Supervisor of Elections’ website,” the outlet reported.

By the time all precincts were reporting and all mail-in and early votes were counted, Howland had secured 51.69% of the vote, compared to Polson’s 48.31%. It’s a victory that simply shouldn’t happen in a region where more people are registered Democrats than Republicans.

When asked what his plans were as soon as he enters office, Howland said that he will “immediately” begin looking at the budget and helping the local sheriff “figure out how he’s going to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.”

It’s a remarkably different approach than the “Defund the Police”messaged pushed by the Democrats for the last three years.

That’s presumably why the Republicans are doing so well in the wake of this Biden presidency…