Republicans Scramble To Get Donald Trump’s Endorsement As He Continues To Lead GOP

( In what is becoming one of the most contested primary elections in America, Republican candidates for Nevada’s governor are jockeying for the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

Democrats have captured the state in recent years, but the state is ripe for the picking with the Biden administration receiving poor marks for his work in the White House since January of 2021.

There are so many Republican candidates in Nevada, though, that who emerges will be key in determining whether the GOP is able to recapture the top position in the state’s politics.

Among the candidates for governor in Nevada are Joe Lombardo, the sheriff of Clark County; Dean Heller, a former senator; Michele Fiore, a councilwoman in Las Vegas; John Jay Lee, the mayor of North Las Vegas; Guy Nohra, a venture capitalist; and Joey Gilbert, an attorney.

All of these GOP candidates are seeking the endorsement of Trump, who has thrown his support behind Republican candidates all over the country leading up to the midterm elections. The power of the former president’s support is sure to prove crucial in many of these key and close races.

Nohra specifically seems keen to the power of Trump’s support. He has hired three GOP consultants who were affiliated with Trump at one point, and he made sure to point that out in a press release his campaign sent recently.

The venture capitalist is focusing his campaign on his experience in business, which he believes will help Nevada’s government run efficiently. That’s part of the reason why he believes Trump will eventually support him.

As he explained recently:

“I have the same background. I’m a businessperson. I’m going to solve problems. I’m an America First person. I’m going to earn [Trump’s endorsement] because I think the president … is going to see who’s working the hardest, who’s putting all the resources on it. He’s going to see who’s earnest about winning this.”

Heller has what would be called a rocky previous history with Trump, but he told Fox News recently that he spoke with the him at a debate in January and the two are on a good plane.

He believes that Trump should give him his endorsement because the two have worked well together before. He explained:

“President Trump and I worked together for years. We’ve had our differences … but needless to say, I helped him on his agenda, his America First agenda. In fact, there’s not another Republican in the state in Nevada that did more on the America First agenda than myself.”

Heller said that he would focus on improving the state’s schools and fighting crime if he were elected governor. But, he said the top issue to him would be improving Nevada’s economy.

He explained:

“People want jobs — a strong economy, good jobs, not just good jobs but better jobs. If you’re the candidate who can prove that you can produce better jobs here in this state, I think that crosses the spectrum.”