Republicans Crushed Democrats In School Board Fights

( Despite Republicans’ lackluster performance in what was projected to be a red-wave landslide, the 2022 elections witnessed significant Conservative victories at a vital level of local government: The school boards.

According to reports, school boards have become a hub of controversy and conflict, especially as public educational policies have become increasingly known nationwide.

A growing number of parents and parental groups are attending school board meetings to criticize board members for contentious curriculums and put an end to excessive classroom content, such as explicit materials and courses inciting racism.

Board members and educators have frequently asserted their authority as educators to select what students will study in the classroom. On occasion, politicians from higher levels of government have intervened. Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California, openly ridiculed parental oversight of education this week, comparing it to putting “patients in command of their operations.”

Reports show the classless Swalwell is a controversial political issue himself.

Eric Swalwell refuses to say if he had a romantic relationship with a purported Chinese spy. He asserted that the information was “classified.” He was one of several Democrats targeted in an endeavor to enter political circles using a honeytrap.

Reports reveal that in addition to letters and demonstrations, a sophisticated political network has organized to force policy change in response to the ongoing parental backlash.

Activists celebrated many victories on this front, as conservative parents and campaigners scored multiple wins in school boards nationwide.

Moms for Liberty, an organization that seeks to unite parents willing to fight those who stand in the way of liberty, reported the “flipping” of multiple school boards.

The 1776 Project PAC, which says it’s dedicated to electing school board members committed to eradicating “critical race theory” from the public school curriculum, also touted the success of its backed candidates on election night.

They reported that all of their candidates had won their respective races in Brandywine, Michigan. The school board had converted from liberal to conservative.

The victories could indicate a tectonic shift in American municipal education policy. Long the domain of left-leaning activists and policymakers, Republicans and Conservatives have mostly disregarded local and regional school governance for years in favor of higher levels of politics.