Republican Congressman Missing After Going To Afghanistan

( A Republican member of Congress went missing earlier this week after traveling to Afghanistan, against warnings from the Pentagon and the State Department, to save five American citizens who were left abandoned in the country by President Joe Biden.

Officials revealed that Rep. Markwayne Million, a 44-year-old congressman representing Oklahoma, went missing on Monday after a United States ambassador had refused his request to assist with the moving of large amounts of money into Tajikistan to assist in saving an American mother along with her four children.

After the ambassador said it would be illegal, Mullin reportedly got angry and said that he planned to hire a helicopter to assist the five Americans in escaping. An anonymous government official said that his plan to fly from Tbilisi, George, into Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, was “extremely dangerous.”

But this takes some real bravery.

The congressman requested last week to travel to Afghanistan directly from Greece, just as the United States was preparing for a full military withdrawal – even while hundreds of Americans remained stranded in the country.

Thankfully, Mullin is safe. On Wednesday, Mullins posted on his social media pages to say that he was heading home after helping get Americans out of Afghanistan.

Mullin posted a selfie on Instagram and said that his mission is continuing and that he never went missing, but instead went dark online. He added that many great Americans and veterans are “stepping up” to keep their promise and to “never leave an American behind.

Perhaps Joe Biden could learn from that.

But rather than condemn Rep. Mullin, what reason do government officials have to condemn him, other than their own embarrassment for utterly failing to keep Americans safe?