Reporter Yells At Biden’s Press Secretary During Press Conference


As a reporter inquired about the president’s mental state on Wednesday, the White House briefing room descended into turmoil, and Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called a reporter “incredibly rude.”

At a White House symposium on hunger, nutrition, and health last Wednesday, President Joe Biden appeared to call for Republican Jackie Walorski of Indiana.

Early in August, Walorski was killed in an automobile accident.
President Biden said he wanted to thank everyone in the room. He named Senators Braun, Representative McGovern, Senator Booker, and Senator Braun. He then said, “Jackie, are you here? Jackie, where are you? He then made an incoherent mumble saying he guessed she was not there.

During a news conference, Jean-Pierre was questioned about Biden’s apparent error. Jean-Pierre poorly explained that Biden was at an event Walorski was on ‘top of mind’ because he was going to see her family in just two days.

James Rosen of Newsmax responded to Karine, saying he had John Lennon in his thoughts pretty much every day, but he’s not looking around for him everywhere.

Jean-Pierre cattily responded that they could have this discussion when he signs a bill for John Lennon as president. That was a nonsensical answer.

The video shows reporters asking questions all at the same time. One reporter yelled that there was confusion and Americans were watching, and they were concerned.
This is a legitimate question, and we need to have some answers.

After that, a male reporter started to ask a different question, but Jean-Pierre interrupted him and apologized for someone shouting over him.

By this time, a female reporter starts speaking while another male reporter demands details on Biden’s mental faculties.
Jean-Pierre lost control of the room.

The press secretary shouted that they were rude to their colleagues and it was disrespectful to shout over their coworkers.

A reporter could be heard retorting that Jean-Pierre saying Walorski was “top of mind” for Biden was not a sufficient response.

This is what you get when you hire a talentless hack as Press Secretary.