Reporter Chokes Up On Scene During Live Reporting

( According to an impassioned report from a reporter there, four people were killed in a shooting in Memphis on Wednesday night.

Joyce Peterson, a reporter for NBC affiliate WMC, pleaded with viewers to stay inside their homes while the alleged shooter was still at large.

Peterson urged everyone to stay inside.

“Tell your loved ones. Call them. SMS them. Email them. Inform them to remain inside. It’s not a joke, folks. It’s a very risky scenario right now.”

Peterson then began crying as she discussed a spate of recent violent crimes in the city.

She said that Memphis is currently “worn out.” After regaining her composure, she reassured viewers, “I’m good. Together with you all. Memphis is currently worn out.”

According to the authorities, three others were hurt in the attacks, and four died. Officers in Memphis eventually caught the culprit and identified him as 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly. However, the claimed shooter was still on the loose at the time of Peterson’s live shot.

Right now, it’s challenging, Peterson said. “Be patient. It’s an extremely stressful night.”

On Wednesday, Kelly was charged with killing Dewayne Tunstall at a Highland Heights residence. The shooting marked the start of a day of horror that forced Memphis into a prolonged state of lockdown.

The 19-year-old is already charged with one count of first-degree murder, but additional charges are allegedly expected.

The first of four individuals Kelly is accused of killing on Wednesday—a young father with another child on the way—was Tunstall, who was also injured along with three other people during an apparently random shooting and carjacking spree. He broadcast some of the horrendous events live on Facebook.

Kelly and Tunstall reportedly had a friendship, according to witnesses. Just after midnight on Wednesday, the two were eating dinner with several friends in a Lyndale residence when Kelly reportedly pulled Tunstall aside and shot him in the head.