Reported Glitch In “Find My iPhone”

Due to an error in Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ app, individuals in Texas have been showing up to one guy’s house to demand the return of their stolen iPhones.

In 2018, Scott Schuster purchased a home in Richmond, a suburb near Houston’s southwest. He said that individuals started showing up at his house all day and night, demanding the return of their stolen electronics.

He said he constantly has to get up, answer the door, and inform folks he doesn’t have their device.

“And most people just don’t believe you,” he says.

Coincidentally, he is a software engineer, and Schuster claims to have notified Apple of the issue many times via various channels, yet people continue to show up at his door. 

He claims that at least 12 mad people have shown up, and he is worried about the safety of his two young children, ages 7 and 9.

He says, correctly, that there are a lot of crazy folks out there. And if they’re angry, inebriated, or having a bad night, it could be a real problem.

Someone might potentially arrive at his home armed. There have been shootings caused by tracking devices on cars.

A video from Schuster’s Ring doorbell showed several irate visitors. A lot of them are fuming with rage. A lady threatened to contact the authorities.

Schuster claims his neighbors joke about him being the neighborhood “phone thief,” but he just wants the issue fixed. He said he’d get a better night’s sleep knowing his kids were safe.

Apple has not provided an update on the situation, and the root of the problem remains unknown.

Find My iPhone was created so that users may locate their missing or stolen iPhone using any other Apple product.

Police have cautioned the public not to put themselves in harm’s way by attempting to recover stolen property from possibly violent offenders, even though doing so might be highly beneficial.