Rep. Fred Keller Won’t Seek Reelection After PA Approves Democrat Redistricting Map

( Republican Representative Fred Keller announced this week that he would not be seeking re-election after Pennsylvania redrew their district maps.

Keller now becomes the 14th Republican in the House to announce that they would not be seeking another term. He has served in the lower chamber since back in 2019.

The representative said he didn’t want to challenge a fellow Republican for a seat in his newly-drawn congressional district. That district, which is located near the state capital of Harrisburg, also includes Republican Representative Dan Meuser.

As Keller wrote in a statement he posted to Twitter:

“With control of Congress & the direction of our nation at stake, this election is bigger than any one person. Rather than pit Republicans against Republicans, which the congressional map chosen by the liberal PA Supreme Court does, I am committed to helping take back the House, holding Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat, and electing a conservative Governor.

“To that end, I am not going to run against another member of Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressional Delegation.”

Keller is considered a very conservative Republican who has loyalty to former President Donald Trump. In fact, he and Meuser both objected to certifying their home state’s 2020 vote in the presidential election on the infamous day of January 6, 2021.

Last week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court set the new congressional boundaries for districts. Because of population trends based on the 2020 Census, Pennsylvania is actually losing a seat in the House of Representatives.

Keller will now find himself in the same district as Representative Glenn Thompson. Initially, Keller announced he would run in the 9th District, which is right next door to his home district. That’s where Meuser lives, though, and he ultimately decided he didn’t want to challenge a fellow Republican.

Keller and many of the members of the state’s GOP have accused Democrats of drawing new districts that heavily favor liberals. Voters of the Democratic Party were the ones to propose the new congressional map that the state Supreme Court ultimately passed by a 4-3 vote last week.

The Legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, and Democratic Governor Tom Wolf were deadlocked on the issue, which is why the group of voters were the ones to draw the maps — with the state Supreme Court ultimately deciding the outcome.

The new congressional map isn’t expected to have a big effect on the makeup of Congress. Even though Pennsylvania is losing a district, it’s unlikely that a Democrat will take a seat away from any Republicans in the new districts.

Despite Keller announcing he won’t run for re-election, there are many more Democrats who are abandoning their current positions. In fact, there are 31 Democrats in the House alone who have announced they wouldn’t seek re-election.

Ted Deutch added his name to that list earlier this week. The representative from Florida said he would be leaving Congress to serve as the American Jewish Committee’s new CEO.