Reagan Ally And TV Commentator Bruce Herschensohn Dead

( Bruce Herschensohn, a well-known Southern California TV and radio commentator who worked for Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, died at the age of 88 on November 30. The legendary political commentator and U.S. Senate candidate’s death was confirmed by the Richard Nixon Foundation, though no cause of death has yet been revealed.

Veteran political activists and operatives in Los Angeles will know Herschensohn for his conservative political commentary on local television, working at KABC-TV between 1978 and 1991. Over his decades on our screens, he regularly debated Democrats, appeared on the radio, authored a number of books and had a popular newspaper column.

In 1972, Herschensohn was appointed the deputy special assistant to President Richard Nixon. During his time in the role, he wrote several speeches for the president but left after the president resigned.

He also served on the transition team for Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Conservative political commentators paid tribute to Herschensohn on Twitter.

Timothy Sandefur described him as “Gentlemanly, kind, sincere” and that he “carried a quiet but unmistakable passion for freedom.”

Herschensohn sought political office twice, starting with a race to unseat California Senator Alan Cranston. He lost the GOP primary in 1986. He ran against Barbara Boxer in the same seat six years afterwards, though lost the seat by roughly 500,000 votes.

With more than 10 books under his belt, his last being a 2012 book about President Obama’s “abandonment of US allies around the world,” Herschensohn will go down as a conservative legend and will be greatly missed by many.