“Rare” Airstrike Leads To Injuries 

(JustPatriots.com)- Overnight airstrikes occurred in western Syria, with local Syrian media blaming Israel for the assault. 

Videos posted online show smoke rising from the western city of Masyaf, which was the target of the raids. 

Syrian air defenses allegedly shot down several rockets. 

During an interview on Radio 103FM, Maariv military correspondent Tal Lev Ram said the timing[of the strike was quite rare. There was light; you could see the indications of the attack. There could be an aspect of instant recognition or a “wish to convey a message.” 

He said, “This region is where multiple research institutes are located, which is pretty close to the Lebanese border.  

When an overnight air assault rendered Aleppo International Airport inoperable, Syria’s transport ministry was forced to reroute aircraft delivering earthquake help on Tuesday last week. 

An airport in Aleppo was reportedly hit by airstrikes by an Iranian-backed militia, prompting authorities to reroute aircraft. 

The missiles were reportedly launched toward Masyaf in Hama province early morning, according to the state news agency SANA, which cited a military source. Many were successfully taken down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire. 

Three Syrian troops were reportedly injured in the airstrikes, according to SANA. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Director, Rami Abdulrahman, said the strike was directed against a weapons storage site and air defense batteries, suggesting Israel is acting on reliable intelligence. 

Israel claims to be striking Iranian-backed militia facilities, notably Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Syrian government troops are supported by Hezbollah fighters deployed there. Israeli officials have also claimed that they had attacked shipments of weapons that they think were destined for the militants. 

State-run Syrian media claimed last week that Israel had bombed Aleppo International Airport, damaging the runway. 

According to the source, missiles fired from the Mediterranean were shot down by Syrian air defenses, and the bombings rendered the airport inoperable.