Rand Paul Smiling After New Evidence Exposes YouTube’s Stupidity

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week, the New York Times reported that the CDC had “clarified” its position on masks, acknowledging that the cloth masks most people are wearing offer little by way of protection from the COVID virus.

Initially, when the CDC got around to recommending masks for the general public, it emphasized cloth face coverings which is why cloth masks are the go-to masks for most mask-wearing Americans.

In the CDC’s new description of masks, it finally admits that loosely woven cloth provides the least protection and layered, finely-woven products offer only some protection. The CDC admits that well-fitting, disposable surgical masks and KN95s are more protective than any kind of cloth mask, and the best kind of mask is the N95 respirator mask which the CDC says offers the highest level of protection.

The New York Times story was of particular interest to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul who, for quite some time, had been arguing that cloth masks offer no protection against COVID.

Tweeting a link to the Times report, Paul asked if the news meant the “snot-nosed censors at YouTube” would be coming to his office to “kiss my …. and admit I was right?”

But this has been a problem throughout the COVID pandemic, hasn’t it? Social media platforms have censored or suspended users for sharing so-called “misinformation” that eventually turns out to be true.

The lab-leak theory, cloth masks, break-through infections, natural immunity — you name it. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have swung the ax on all of it.

When the Biden administration demands that social media companies censor so-called “misinformation” on its behalf only to have the Biden administration change its tune and officially repeat what it once considered “misinformation,” that’s the problem with social media censorship in a nutshell.