Rand Paul Says Dr. Fauci Is Covering His Tracks

(JustPatriots.com)- Senator Rand Paul criticized Anthony Fauci for choosing the default stance of trying to “cover-up” his activities, including perhaps pressuring social media companies to block medical information, when he made an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday.

Many people are curious about what Fauci asked of them in his letters to social media sites on what he called “misinformation.”

Paul said his answer wasn’t, “I’ll look into it or tell you about it.” He responded, ‘By law, we don’t have to tell you which companies gave us how many royalties and to which scientists.”

Paul said that the emails sent to social media bosses could show censorship efforts.

Paul said that Fauci’s “modus operandi” is to “cover-up” and that all of America should be disgusted that America’s doctor, the foremost expert on COVID in public health, doesn’t want to release information or doesn’t want to expose his conversations with Big Tech.

The federal judge ordered Fauci and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to make public all pertinent interactions with Big Tech within the following three weeks as part of a lawsuit filed by Louisiana Republican Jeffrey Landry.

According to Landry and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, senior government officials in the Executive Branch have entered a phase of open collusion with social media platforms under the Orwellian guise of preventing so-called “disinformation,” “misinformation,” and “malinformation” after threatening and cajoling them for years to censor viewpoints and speakers favored by the Left.

Senator Paul also addressed claims made by Gun Owners of America that the FBI coerced Americans into signing documents giving up their legal right to own, acquire, and use firearms.
Paul said there is a certain irony in telling someone you have to be mentally competent to sign this declaration that says you’re not mentally competent to carry a gun. So that might be a problem if you end up in a court of law. How is a person who is not mentally capable of owning a gun could be capable of signing away their gun rights?

Paul noted that this goes back to 2016 when they utilized a foreign intelligence warrant to go after Donald Trump and his campaign. Paul believes the fundamental problem we have right now is that there’s a burden upon the FBI to prove to the American public that they are not political.

The Senator said, “A foreign intelligence warrant that should be used on foreigners in a secret court was utilized to go after a prominent presidential candidate.”