Rand Paul Exposes American Funding Of “Gain Of Function” Research In China

(JustPatriots.com)- In light of the striking revelations from Buzzfeed’s release of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails, on June 11 five Senate Republicans sent a letter to both the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health requesting any documents concerning their handling of the COVID pandemic.

As yet, no documents have been received.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt, Senator Rand Paul lambasted HHS and NIH for their failure to honor the request. Paul’s concern is that they are saying one thing to the public and another thing in private.

Fauci’s emails revealed growing concerns over the Wuhan Institute of Virology gain of function research and possible NIH’s funding. However, even now, Dr. Fauci denies that the National Institutes of Health funded gain of function research.

Senator Paul points out that “there’s a host of scientists” in this research field who have reviewed the applications for NIH funding that did, in fact, go to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. These scientists, Paul explains, “say without question” that what the Wuhan Institute was doing was gain of function research.

Paul has also asked the chairs of both the Homeland Security committee and the Health committee to investigate.

It is Senator Paul’s contention that the American people “should want to know the origin of this” in part to better prevent a pandemic like COVID-19 from happening again. What’s more, Paul believes the country deserves to have a debate on this, asking “Do we want to fund research that enhances the ability of animal viruses to infect humans?”

Paul also had harsh words for the dangerous “groupthink” during the pandemic that vilified those who had different viewpoints and silenced opposition. Though COVID-19 was not the first instance of this kind of groupthink. Paul cites the silencing of those who refuse to sign on to “climate alarmism” as another example.

Then Senator Paul gets to the meat of the matter. Like “climate alarmism,” research into viruses like COVID are funded by the government, adding “people are deathly afraid that Dr. Fauci could be vindictive or the NIH could be vindictive.” As a result, many of these people refuse to speak publicly for fear that their funding will be cut.

Watch Senator Paul’s Newsmax interview:

Senator Paul also sat down with OAN reporter John Hines on Monday June 14. Watch that interview HERE.