Rand Paul Begs Biden To Reassure America He Won’t Turn Country Socialist

(JustPatriots)- Libertarian Republican Senator Rand Paul made a public plea on Wednesday to President Joe Biden not to turn the United States into a socialist dystopia, crippled with debt and running multiple failing big government programs. Paul said on Fox News that Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, would be “key” in stopping the United States being transformed into a socialist country.

“I think most importantly, what we have to hear is that he’s not going to radically transform the country into some sort of socialist dystopia,” Paul urged.

“And that may sound like, you know, hyperbole, but many of the things they want to do would radically transform America to a different country, to a country different than what has provided great wealth and great humanitarian ease to millions and millions of Americans,” he added.

Senator Paul’s plea isn’t a moment too soon. In just a matter of days, President Joe Biden has already walked back several important Trump executive orders, has flung the borders open to countries known for harboring hostile anti-American extremism, and even withdrawn a Trump order that reduced the price of insulin.

It all sounds like a radical leftist agenda setting in already.

But Paul thinks there are some key Democrats who will help stop their party going too radical.

“So, you know, there will be a couple of key players in this,” he said. “I think Senator Manchin from West Virginia will be key, and also, what will be key is whether or not they blow up the filibuster. If they blow up the filibuster and do everything by simple majority, they could very quickly and radically change America, and I think, destroy a lot of the fabric of what our great wealth and great freedoms are based on.”

Removing the filibuster remains a controversial idea, but one that most Democrats appear intent on doing. There are some, however, holding out and refusing to do it, meaning Republicans have some hope of protecting against some of the Democrats’ most extreme policy proposals.

Let’s hope a few Democrats listen to Senator Paul’s wisdom…