Rachel Maddow Is Changing Her TV Appearances To Mondays Only

(JustPatriots.com)- On Monday, MSNBC’s top-rated host Rachel Maddow returned after a two-month hiatus only to announce that starting in May, she will only be hosting “The Rachel Maddow Show” once a week.

Maddow recapped how she spent her two months on hiatus to work on other projects for the cable news network and to “give myself a little reset.” Describing her hiatus as “fantastic,” Maddow thanked the network president for allowing her to take some time off.

She heaped slobbering praise on her fill-in host Ali Velshi and thanked him for taking the reins as she worked to develop her book “Big Man” into a film with Ben Stiller and Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels.

Then she told her audience that she would be back on the air Monday through Thursday nights until the end of April. But in May, Maddow will only host her show on Monday nights to give herself more time to work on other projects for both MSNBC and NBC.

Depending on news events, her one-night-a-week plans could change, Maddow explained. But for now, hosting only on Monday is the plan.

MSNBC will provide a rotating list of fill-in hosts who will cover for Maddow every Tuesday through Friday.

Watch HERE.