Raccoons Throw Party In Man’s Backyard

On Saturday, a local news outlet reported that Jimmy Sena of Huntington Beach, California, observed a raccoon hanging from a fence in his backyard after hearing his dog, Hank, make a racket at about 6:00 a.m.

Sena drifted back to sleep, but then Hank started barking even more, and Sena remembers looking out the window again and seeing three raccoons beside the pool.

He couldn’t determine whether the fluffy gang was playing or fighting. Suddenly one raccoon went into the pool, and his pals followed suit. Sena recorded them for almost two minutes as they swam about, and it seemed like they were having a blast.

The animals seem content as they splash about in the refreshing water.  One flips over in the water with his paws in the air. Soon, another joins him. Sena watched as his guests played in the water for almost twenty minutes before a couple of them left, and a lone lingerer stayed for another 45 minutes.

According to the Wildlife Start website, raccoons often use backyard pools in addition to shallow water in lakes and rivers.

Several social media users expressed their admiration for the pleasant sight, with one individual commenting that they were enjoying life and behaving as if they had just arrived at a resort. 

According to Wildlife Rescue League, raccoons are said to have a stronger sense of touch than other non-primate animals. They have no trouble stealing from garbage cans, opening doors, and doing other mischief. 

They have sharp hearing and eyesight, in line with their nocturnal lifestyle. Raccoons are among the few animals that can headfirst down vertical tree trunks. They are also good climbers. They can readily traverse rivers and lakes because of their swimming abilities but only go into deep water to flee from danger.

The word Raccoon comes from the Algonquin, meaning “he scratches with his hands.”