Queen Elizabeth Returns From The Hospital

(JustPatriots.com)- Queen Elizabeth II, the Monarch of Great Britain, returned home to Windsor Castle on Friday after an unexpected visit to a London hospital. The 95-year-old Queen, who rules over roughly one-third of the world’s population under the British Commonwealth, was said to be in good spirits after returning home to one of her primary residences.

Buckingham Palace said that the Queen was admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital in London last Wednesday for a number of “preliminary investigations.” At noon on Thursday, she returned to Windsor Castle and was back to work at her desk by the afternoon.

The longest-reigning Queen of England, Elizabeth II is beloved by the people of England for her commitment to the British people and to her work.

The Queen had canceled a planned trip to Northern Ireland, the region of the island of Ireland that is still a part of the United Kingdom, to mark 100 years since the creation of the separate state. Buckingham Palace said that the Queen was disappointed that she could not attend and “reluctantly” accepted advice to see doctors.

While the exact conditions or symptoms the Queen was suffering from have not been disclosed, officials did say that her condition is not COVID-19-related.

Typically, the health of the Monarch is not disclosed – but following reports by British newspaper The Sun, the Palace chose to release the information. And, given the Queen’s advanced age, people are paying more attention than ever to her health.

Recently, the Queen appeared at a reception at Westminster Abbey using a walking stick for the first time since she underwent surgery in 2003.

Robert Hardman, an expert on the Royal Family, told the British press that the Queen “hates people making a fuss of her in general but particularly to do with health.”

He added that he also believes the Queen considers it a matter of dignity of the office, and that people shouldn’t know the exact details of her condition.