Putin’s Position Wiped Out In Giant Strike

According to Ukrainian officials, ten people, including twins and a young child, were killed when Russian forces fired a supersonic Iskander missile into Kramatorsk.

Rescue workers sifted through the ruins in Donetsk while a man suspected of working with Russia was arrested in Kyiv.

A report shows Kyiv has detained an individual who they say was working for Moscow in the attack that killed ten and injured at least 61 people. Rescue workers are still looking for survivors in the wreckage.

As the Kremlin recovers from the Wagner mercenary leader’s brief revolt, pundits have speculated that Vladimir Putin fears creating a “martyr” out of Yevgeny Prigozhin and has chosen instead to attempt and “break” his public support by labeling him dishonest and a liar.

The Institute for the Study of War predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has never before publicly claimed that the Kremlin supplies and funds the Wagner mercenary group, would try to destroy Prigozhin’s populist interest by charging him of being corrupt and conspiring with the West.

The damaged Pizza RIA restaurant was reportedly full of residents, journalists, and foreign aid workers, on the night it was bombed.

According to reports, Mr. Kyrylenko, the regional governor, said that in addition to the 18 high-rises and 65 single-family homes that were destroyed. an administrative building, a leisure facility, a retail mall, and educational institutions were also hit.

Overnight, the Ukrainian air force reportedly shot down six “Shahed” drones. It added that despite shooting down two drones over the Cherkasy district, two others in the area crashed into a vacant warehouse.

According to the country’s defense minister, Ukrainian forces have won certain territories that weren’t made public, while most of its soldier reserves have not yet been deployed. In an interview with the Financial Times, Oleksiy Reznikov claimed that the recent retaking of tiny towns from Russian rule was not the main event in Kyiv’s planned assault.