Putin Threatens War With Ukraine

(JustPatriots.com)- The Washington Post Editorial Board published a commentary piece last week, suggesting that the West must be ready to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat of war with Ukraine.

“Vladimir Putin is facing mounting public discontent over Russia’s stagnant economy and poor response to COVID-19,” the board said. “He was embarrassed by a YouTube video — viewed more than 115 million times — of the palace he built for himself, and stung by President Biden’s description of him as “a killer.”

But President Putin didn’t appear to be “stung” by President Biden’s comments at all. When the U.S. president called Putin a killer last month, the Russian leader simply responded with, “it takes one to know one.”

Putin then challenged President Biden to a live debate on the issue, knowing very well that live debates aren’t a strong suit for President Biden, which obviously never came to fruition.

The Washington Post board also said that with parliamentary elections coming in September this year, and polling showing only 27% of Russians saying they would vote for Putin’s party, the Russian leader is “turning to a familiar diversionary tactic – raising tensions to just below the boiling point with neighboring Ukraine and its pro-Western government.”

According to the Post, the Kremlin’s propaganda machine is portraying Ukraine as the aggressor and warning that a war would “destroy Ukraine” – according to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. And, it seems that the Post – which typically publishes content from a far-left slant – isn’t wrong.

“Western governments will hope that their diplomatic flurry will deter Mr. Putin — but they must be prepared if it does not,” the board said. “The United States, which has helped Ukraine with military equipment and training, should be prepared to deliver further material if Ukrainian forces come under attack.”

The commentary piece argued that Western governments – Biden, in particular – should be ready with fresh sanctions to place on Russia. And, among other things, the writers argue that any aggression shown towards Ukraine should “spell the end of the already controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.”

The Washington Post might not be wrong about Russia’s aggression, but doesn’t this just sound like a far-left media outlet putting pressure on the Democrat-run Congress and White House?