Putin Stands By Trump Supporters At Capitol Protest As They Face Crucifixions For Supporting Trump

(JustPatriots.com)- President Vladimir Putin isn’t exactly America’s best friend, but he does appear to have more common sense than President Joe Biden and the Democrats. That was evident last week when the Russian president slammed the president and Democrats In Congress for their insane response to the riots in Washington, D.C. on January 6.

During an economic forum that was held in St. Petersburg last Friday, Putin talked about the issues he expects to discuss with U.S. President Joe Biden during a summit in Geneva, Switzerland, later this month. He said that the United States and Russia need to find ways of reaching some kind of “settlement,” to form a stronger relationship between the two countries, and to address issues like COVID-19, global conflicts, and even arms control.

Putin said that Russia does not have “any issues” with the United States, but said that the United States has an issue with Russia instead. He accused America of wanting to contain Russia’s development by implementing economic restrictions on the country and siding with allies inside of Russia who oppose the Russian government.

And while Putin said that he hopes to build a better relationship with the United States, he added that the Democrats responded badly to what happened on January 6. He explained that the people who stormed the Capitol building weren’t “robbers and rioters” but people who had “political demands.”

He slammed the charges made against hundreds of people who attended the riot, and said that it was hypocritical for United States to so severely punish people who attended the protest while also criticizing Russia’s response to anti-Kremlin protests.

On the issue of the recent hacks, Putin insisted that the Russians weren’t responsible for what happened and hoped that the United States would realize that there “hasn’t been any malicious Russian activity whatsoever.” He described the hacking of a meat plant and a pipeline as “absurd.”

Putin isn’t exactly an ally at this point, but if even he can recognize that the Democrats are taking wrong turns and reacting counterproductively to rioters, then there’s probably something to it…