Putin Says He Doesn’t Want Conflict With The West

(JustPatriots.com)- On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that his country does not, in fact, want conflict with Ukraine and the West. It comes as Russia is increasing its military presence on the border with Ukraine, testing how far it can go before President Joe Biden steps in and says something.

According to The Associated Press, President Putin said during a marathon annual news conference that he aims to ensure his country’s security and that there should be an “immediate” response by world leaders to his country’s demand for new security guarantees relating to NATO expansion.

“We put it straight – there must be no further expansion of NATO eastward,” he said.

Putin also said that he welcomed the upcoming new talks with the United States which are expected to take place in January in Geneva. He also said, however, that there must be immediate results with the conversation – which include “guarantees.”

Some 100,000 Russian troops are still on the border with Ukraine, which has sparked a global discussion and concerns about the country’s plans. After annexing Crimea in 2014, it hardly seems out of the realm of possibility that Russia might make a move on Ukraine – even if the country continues to deny that it plans to launch a military attack on the country.

Reuters reported last week that Putin said attacking Ukraine was not their “preferred” choice – which is a weird way of saying “we won’t invade Ukraine.”