Putin Cuts Off Oil To Italy After New PM Announces Support For Ukraine

(JustPatriots.com)- Giorgia Meloni was elected as Italy’s next prime minister on Sunday, making her the country’s first female populist candidate to prevail as Italy‚Äôs leader.

Meloni became Italy’s first-ever female head of state after her party, the Center-Right Party, achieved significant success across the board in the national elections held that day.

On Wednesday, Giorgia Meloni congratulated her election victory by Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine. After the call, Meloni made one of the first public statements she has made since winning the election. She stated that she would provide Kyiv with her full support.

The Russian energy behemoth Gazprom stopped delivering gas to Italy on Saturday.

The company stated that the issue was due to transport difficulties in Austria.
The business will not receive any fresh shipments destined for Italy until Monday.

Is it coincidental that Gazprom, the Russian gas company, stopped delivering gas to Italy just a few days after the new leader of Italy’s right-wing publicly supported Ukraine?

The Italian energy firm Eni stated that they were notified that a transport difficulty in Austria meant that the Russian gas provider would not be able to deliver any gas until at least Monday. The Austrian government provided this info.

Meloni, who will soon take the reins as Italy’s prime minister, was quoted in the past as saying that Vladimir Putin poses a “threat to the security of the entire European continent” and that Putin’s annexation of four regions in Ukraine has “no legal and political value.”

Putin has been at odds with European nations over the supply of natural gas, and he has been accused of employing the flow of gas required for energy in the region as a form of economic warfare. This dispute has been going on for some time.
The majority of Russian gas that is transported to Italy arrives in Tarvisio, located in northern Italy close to the border with Austria, by way of Ukraine and the Trans-Austria Gas Pipeline (TAG).

Gazprom issued a statement later in the day saying that the transportation of Russian gas through Austria had been halted ‘because of the reluctance of the Austrian operator to approve the transport nominations.’ The announcement was made public later in the day.