Putin Assassination Attempt Reported

(JustPatriots.com)- James Mattis, a former US Defense Secretary, claimed that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was “pathetic” and “immoral” and that Russia is “withering” before our own eyes.

According to CNN, the murder attempts made against three pro-Russian leaders over the past two weeks point to a nascent resistance movement in southern Ukraine.

Allegedly, all three instances happened near the town of Kherson, which is strategically significant to Russia owing to its proximity to the Crimean Peninsula and the Black Sea coast.

Eugeniy Sobolev, the pro-Russian chief of Kherson’s jail department, was the target of the first attempt on June 16 when an explosion damaged his vehicle, but he survived.

Meanwhile, a vehicle explosion on June 24 claimed the life of Dmitry Savluchenko, the pro-Russian official head of the Department of Youth and Sports for the Kherson area.

A different pro-Russian official’s automobile was attacked this week, but the target lived.

Just days after the conflict in Ukraine started, Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence, stated that the Russian President had also escaped an aborted assassination attempt.

Budanov declared that an assassination attempt was made against Putin. It is also said that Caucasian officials recently attacked him.

On Friday, July 1, at the Seoul Forum, Mr. Mattis referred to the Russian despot’s campaign in Ukraine as “operationally foolish.”

He said that we have a phrase in America that states that countries with allies prosper while those without allies wither. We are currently witnessing Russia fade before our very eyes.

Mattis said that the tragedy of our day is that Putin is a Dostoevsky-esque character.

“Every night, he goes to bed furious, scared, and certain that Russia is surrounded by nightmares. This has served as his compass during the day.”

His remarks follow Russia’s declaration that it would be abandoning Ukraine’s Snake Island, dealing Putin a devastating blow.

The Kremlin described the Russian withdrawal from the Island as a “goodwill gesture.”

The Russian armed forces finished their responsibilities on Snake Island and removed a garrison stationed there on June 30, according to a statement from the defense ministry.