Putin Accused After Attempted Coup

(JustPatriots.com)- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Friday that his country had discovered a plot to overthrow his government as soon as next week. The plot, he said, was being orchestrated by Russian agents who were caught on tape talking about encouraging the richest businessman in Ukraine into getting behind a coup.

The Kremlin, as you would expect, has denied any involvement in a possible coup. The businessman in question also dismissed the claims and said that they were an “absolute lie.” President Zelenskiy didn’t say whether or not he believed the Kremlin was behind the alleged plot and didn’t provide much in the way of details, but did insist that it was real.

Zelenskiy made the comments during a press conference that lasted several hours. He explained how Ukrainian intelligence officials had audio recordings of the Russian plotters talking about businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

“We have challenges not only from the Russian Federation and possible escalation – we have big internal challenges,” he said in the press conference.

“I received information that a coup d’etat will take place in our country on Dec. 1-2,” he added.

It comes as Russia continues to ramp up pressure on Ukraine, sending huge numbers of troops to the border between the two countries in what appears to be an indication that Russia may have eyes on Ukraine and may be planning to invade and annex the country.

Businessman Akhmetov issued a public statement and said that attempts to pull him into a coup were an “absolute lie” and that he is “outraged by the spread of this lie – no matter what the president’s motives are.”

Perhaps Akhmetov just doesn’t know about it…