Prisons Shut Down Suddenly Over “Staff Shortages”

( A shocking new report by the Miami Herald reveals how a number of prisons in North Florida are preparing to close over the next few weeks because of a major staff shortage. It comes as the United States faces a huge labor shortage caused by President Joe Biden’s horrible management of the national economy.

The Miami Herald discussed the problem with Jim Baiardi, the president of the Corrections Chapter of the Police Benevolent Association, who learned on Thursday that the Florida Department of Corrections was being forced to close several prisons. He learned the news from Corrections Secretary Mark Inch and told the newspaper that the prisons would only be temporarily closed while inmates and staff could be moved to places that are fully operational.

Among the facilities due to be closed are the New River Correctional Institution and the Baker Correctional Institution.

And while the closures are meant to be temporary, there is no information on when they will likely reopen.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida is currently processing a smaller number of inmates than normal. There are also around 5,000 correctional officer vacancies across the state.

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Jeff Brandes, a Florida State Senator and currently the Vice Chair for the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice, told the news outlet that the move was a matter of “desperation.”

Jim Baiardi also described the move as a “temporary band-aid” and that it’s “not a solution to the crisis.”

When even Florida is struggling because of the pandemic, where Governor Ron DeSantis has taken every step possible to keep the economy open, you know the country is facing real trouble.