Prince Andrew Hits “Rock Bottom” After Being Denied Duties

( It’s been rumored that Prince Andrew has reached “rock bottom” due to his removal from royal duties.

This allegation comes as news broke over the weekend about a contentious discussion that took place between King Charles III and the Duke of York, the latter’s brother.

According to reports, the King reportedly informed his younger brother, who was “completely surprised,” that he must realize that his time playing a role in public life is ended.

As a result of a legal case filed by Virginia Giuffre, a victim of human trafficking perpetrated by Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew was dispossessed of all of his royal patronages and military titles in January. He was able to avoid a fight in court by settling the claim for an unknown amount.

During the most recent episode of Paul Murray Live, which took place over the weekend, the Royal Editor of the Daily Mirror, Russell Myers, discussed the circumstances surrounding Andrew.

Myers stated that because of his friendship with the convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein and his lifelong companion Ghislaine Maxwell, “he totally left himself in complete disgrace.”

“Despite the fact that there was practically no way back for him, he continued to believe that he had something of value to offer the royal family.

Myers said it shouldn’t surprise anyone, including the Duke of York himself, that he has been relegated to a supporting role. “There is really no turning back for Andrew that I can see at all,” Myers concluded.

Myers said that Charles and Andrew had “lost all affection” for one another.

“At one time, they were very close to one another, but Charles has seen what he has done to his own reputation.”

The monarchy’s reputation has suffered significant collateral harm due to his actions.

“He really is at rock bottom right now,” the speaker said.

Ghislaine Maxwell, the recruiter of underage women for the pedophile billionaire Epstein, maintains from her jail cell that the infamous picture of Andrew with Giuffre is doctored.

Independent experts have said the photo is authentic.