“Pride” Protestors Surround Preacher, Rip His Bible Up While Barking Like Dogs

At the weekend’s “Seattle Pride” event, a group of scantily clad LGBT individuals attacked a street preacher who was reading from The Bible. They barked in his face and assaulted the man with pride flags. While gays and transsexuals barked like dogs, the preacher was assaulted by more LGBT radicals, who then burned his Bible.

According to a report, Matthew Meiecke went to spread the gospel with those he believes need to hear it the most. Video footage of the LGBT mob attacks on Meiecke has gone viral online. 

In one video shared on an online media website, a group of gay and transsexual individuals can be seen surrounding Meinecke, shouting slurs and beating him with their pride flags. Meinecke continued reading the Bible despite threats and harassment.

Law enforcement was utterly absent from the scene.

Internet users have commented on the video asking what would happen if the situation was reversed.   Many have pointed out the media and political circus that would ensue, along with criminal charges, if a group of Christians were to do anything similar. 

New footage from Seattle Pride shows an LGBT protester destroying a Bible he grabbed from Meinecke, tearing it to shreds as barking sounds are audible in the background. Users are actively trying to identify and track down the perpetrator of this vandalism and anti-Christian bigotry online.

The assaults on Meinecke in Seattle were a small sample of the anti-Christian, anti-family mayhem that “pride” activities in various cities created over the weekend.

Last week, parents at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, California, clashed during protests about whether or not to let a Pride event take place at the school.

Outside the school, both detractors and proponents of the Pride month assembly congregated, prompting the intervention of city and school police. On social media, the police department explained that they were there to allow for an orderly exercise of Constitutional freedoms.