Preacher Admits To Making ‘Inappropriate’ Joke About WTC Attack in Class 

Political tensions in the United States are high as domestic and international conflicts continue to escalate. Indeed, domestically Americans continue to face with a massive increase in the cost of living. Over the last several years, rampant inflation has crushed the working class, with exorbitant price hikes being endured across the spectrum. Food, groceries, housing, energy bills, and other necessities have all sharply risen in cost. Wages have stagnated and many individuals across the country are simply losing faith in the American dream. A recent report alleges that nearly half of respondents to a survey claimed they believed the American dream was dead. 

Truthfully, the average outlook for some individuals in terms of the trajectory of the nation is quite poor. In the middle east, Hamas battled with Israel after they invaded the nation and began an armed conflict in October of 2023. Russia invaded Ukraine, and hundreds  of thousands of people have perished since the beginning of that European conflict in early 2022. In regard to the conflict in the Middle East, tensions have boiled over in the domestic United States and thousands of people have taken to protesting in cities and on college campuses across the country. 

America’s increasing Muslim population, along with the rising secular/atheistic groups of individuals in the country have vocally supported Palestine and the Islamist terrorist state Hamas. In many sickening displays, even individuals who were born in the United States have shown more passion for the support of terrorists than they have of their own country. Many conservatives have argued for years that widespread immigration from outside the western world would be a detriment and even a national security risk to the union. In London, England, an Imam named Anjem Choudary joked about the September 11th attacks. He had previously been convicted of supporting ISIS in 2016 and is now accused of operating an Islamist terrorist group via the internet known as al-Muhajiron.